Github intergration don't seem to work (sitepoint)

Hey Everyone,

On the moment of writing I have only the possibility to login using Google on Sitepoint community.
So I wanted to connect using Github to the awesome community.

But after I sign in to Github, I get the next message.

I’ve alerted SitePoint HQ, @dseegersmail. Hopefully somebody will get back to you soon.


So unfortunatly you can’t connect your social accounts in that way. Our accounts are actually managed via

So if you want to add GitHub as a login option for your sitepoint account (this also connect to this community site) then you need to head on over to

From this page you can connect github to your account and you should be able to use this option to login. as per screenshot:

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Good to know, even if it was quite confusing :slight_smile:

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