has all functionality of and even more has all functionality of and even more

So if i know a little the photoshop cs6 and watched some video lessons about ps for web designers
I must install


basically first has all functionality of latter and even more?

Correct, GimpShop appears to be the stand alone product which looks quite good.
Downloaded the Mac version but it’s not running yet - not a good advert!

I have used GIMP in the past and it is a reasonable alternative to PS :slight_smile:

This is interesting. So this project was revived?

Last I knew, development stalled on this back in 2006.

I’ve never heard of GimpShop before. Been using GIMP for about 4 or 5 years. I’m not a pro graphics person, so I know very little about it beyond the few features that I use. Guess I can Google a bit to learn more about GimpShop, although I’m not interested in using it. I’ve tried a few Adobe products and found myself more perplexed by their interface/work process than satisfied. So my interest is mostly curiosity. GIMP released 2.8 this Winter. I just downloaded a copy of 2.8.8 and installed it. They are no longer using SourceForge as their distributor. Apparently, SourceForge is now adding it own installer stuff / “extra ware” so they left. I never thought that GIMP came very close to PhotoShop as far as features go, and I’ve observed one oddity when saving files as jpgs that I’m puzzled about… the reds are darker as jpgs. I don’t think that’s “normal”.

Sorry for rambling, but the topic is a surprise and I’m glad to find the conversation and graphics talent.

I need to catch up on some messages and maybe join other threads in progress. As I said, this was a pleasant surprise. :slight_smile:

I’ve also been using GIMP for a number of years and had never heard of Gimpshop until I came across this thread. Apparently, it was an attempt to present GIMP in a way which would make it feel more familiar to Photoshop users. Googling for more information wasn’t encouraging - more negative than postive feedback. However, as I say, I have no personal experience of it.

When I first started using GIMP, I read that there was a PhotoShop-like menu option available. I never cared to explore it. From the writeup that you found, it looks like GimpShop is GIMP with those PhotoShop menus and some other PhotoShop tweaks. Interesting. I never knew. :stuck_out_tongue: