Getting option selected from two selects create dinamically - AngularJS

Hi to all community members. It is not easy to decribe the problem but i’ll try.
So my script after getting json from an http call, fill a form fields.

In the fetched json i have a property named “interni” as array with (in this example) two objects nested:

[{"id":"8744","title":"RM 1.5","resourceid":"5","description":"rm 1.5",
[{"id_mese":"04","mese":"aprile","student_id":"79","student_year_id":"4","student_name":"Vit Da","id_sezione":"5","sezione":"rm"},{"id_mese":"04","mese":"aprile","student_id":"34","student_year_id":"2","student_name":"Muni Val","id_sezione":"5","sezione":"rm"}],


As you can see there are two peoples in interni array and for each one i need to add “status” by radio value: “present” and “absent”. But that’s not the problem!

In the case of absence, i need to provide a list of possible substitutes for each of them by
<select></select>. filled from a second http call

in javascript, after parse a secon json call, i can do this as is

for (var i =0; i< internalPeoples.lenght; i++){
      var newDiv = document.createElement("div");
            newDiv.setAttribute("class", "myClass" + i);
            newDiv.setAttribute("id", "myClass" + i);
            newDiv.setAttribute("style", "padding:6px;");

            var selectList = document.createElement("select");
            selectList.setAttribute("id", "mySelect" + i);
            selectList.setAttribute("name", "mySelect" +i);
          //  console.log("mySelect" + i);
            selectList.value = _value;
            selectList.setAttribute("disabled", "disabled");
// and so on

in the same way I can create select in angularjs for any poeple in array, in this case 2 but this is not fix.

THE PROBLEM come up for getting selected value: I’m FRUSTRATED with this seemingly easy operation, but angularjs makes it really complicated.
Example in javascript getting selected value for each SELECT OPTION dinamically:

var sobstitutiesArray =[];
for(var z =0; z<internalPeoples.lenght; z++){
  var e = document.getElementById("select"+z).options[selectedIndex].value;
 sobstitutiesArray.push( {studentId: e });

Notice that i can create objects with a value getted from element id.

in angularjs for getting selected value i need to use ng-model declared in controller for each select list.
But i don’t know how many variables i need to declare before, because they are dynamic creations. they can be one, two or three: It is not fixed!


              <select ng-model='selectedItem' name="select{{$index}}" id="select{{$index}}"
                      ng-options="item.label for item in sostituti track by item.value">

the output in view are two select with **


but it is binding by selectedItem variable that is thesame for all select elements. So if i click at row 3 of the first select thish change reflect also on the second select.

let’s reason together:

  • we do not know the number of variables to declare in advance.
  • we need to get the value or entire object of selected item for each select in form.
    I need help from you tu understand teh possible solution.

what possibilities I thought

  • creating variables dynamically, but in controllers creating loops is not as easy as in javascirpt. Maybe onother solution?
  • take values from the DOM, although this practice does not suit angularjs.

what do you suggest?

nb - I tried to be as descriptive as possible, to better understand the model.


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That is an excellent post, giving lots of useful detail helping to expose the problem for what it is.

Sadly I can’t help much with Angular personally, but I just needed to congratulate you on the quality of your problem post. It’s a rare sight and a thing of beauty.

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Thanks Paul, I believe that explaining the origin of the problem and the possible reasoning is important. Thanks also for quicly reply

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