Getting on the PR Bandwagon

I think PR is one of those internet “false economy” things anyway. It only has bearing because people think it’s meaningful. What was a useful diagnostic tool has been mutated into some sort of ego boosting badge these days.

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I’m convinced Google schemes up new spamscapes to create to justify themselves. No one can be that big, and that shortsighted. A web version of planned obsolescence. Google and the PublicRelations philosophies of Bernays :cold:

So yeah, I’d manipulate them into shutting up and leaving me alone; beyond that I’d just say “No”. I love the daemon’s “rethink the relationship” bit, a trump card and I hadn’t thought of it!

Which PR do you mean?

PageRank is irrelevant here, except for those to whom it’s relevant. You can link to anyone you want regardless the PageRank, Public Relations or whatever other PR.

Personally, I don’t like linking just to anyone, just “for fun” (and I don’t expect others to do it for me). But if you can write a nice article for me, you can add any links to it you want :stuck_out_tongue:


Not in my moral code. And if theirs is to prey on others’ success, maybe I should rethink my relationship with them :slight_smile:

:tup: interesting to hear other viewpoints nevertheless BLZ, makes me thinkg a little different!

Ignorance is bliss as they say - I don’t have a problem if someone doesn’t “get” what I do, that’s fine - there are types of jobs or topics I just completely zone out of too - I don’t take it personally as it’s just not everyone’s favourite topic of conversation plus it can be hard to get your head around it really especially if you’re not into that line of work in the first place! That said though, manners doesn’t go amiss either! :agree:

@Sega - Interesting post right back at you! Well I’m happy you vented, let’s hope you feel better now! :shifty:

  • @the socialising remark - That is very true - Just when you think, great a conversation, a chance to interact with human beings - you start to talk about what interests you or you’re work when asked and people zone out and walk away - yes, it doesn’t do much in the way of a confidence booster that’s for sure! :lol:

  • @example - I can see your point alright, people do work hard to get to where they are especially in success cases and no one is going to give that up so easily especially to someone who is just merely family or a friend - they too have to put in the dedication and time to get their own projects off the ground.

If a member of my family or friend did want to link to me let’s pretend I’m successful for a minute I would still say yes, however since reading these posts I guess I would add a bit more to that - I think I would give them a trial link :shifty: see if it works for both parties and take it from there - the one thing that would bother me though is that they mightn’t appreciate the gesture - like an expectation I guess - this wouldn’t bode well at all so yeah I guess a case by case basis too now that I think about it :shifty: jeeze I’m a changed woman, I’ll never link the same way again :injured:

I can appreciate the relevancy of a link to your own content but dismissing it because of that I don’t think I could do that - as I said I think I would put it on a page more applicable like say a links page or blog roll, but yeah I can understand you’re point of view :tup:

Useless linking is kinda…useless, and handholding actually winds up being super counterproductive…

And I’m a bit of an ***hole I guess. Meh, whatever.

Wow, I see - jeeze this linking lark is quite cut-throat it seems! I never thought it would be as strict as these answers I’m receiving! :shifty:

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ty BLZ! waves bye to holidays Confused?! It’s all that glue confusing you!! :eek:

Aha, interesting - I can totally understand that - I think I would differ and include a link up “for fun” but in an appropriate location on my site perhaps on a blog roll or a links page - if it was consistent with my own content then I would put that on my homepage if it could perhaps benefit me but otherwise I would keep it in a secondary location but still advertise it to my visitors

Is it customary to link to websites that are only within your own PR scope? Are there unwritten rules when it comes to exchanging your link and who you connect with? Would it really be that bad to link to a website that has zero PR, couldn’t it still be popular regardless of the PR rating!?

Is there anyone out there that would forego the PR status and just share their online success with friends and family just to help them out?! :shifty:

Wow! SEO for 13 years means you’ve seen and made some pretty big bucks online. What a beautiful feeling that is , isn’t it?

Sorry, but I’m kinda like in the dark here. What is this thread specifically pertaining to?

Well, nobody ever said it “directly”. More like an assumption. - “Oh, I’m too busy to play games on a computer”. Though one “friend”, (more like an aquaintance) did ask where the pr0n was on my computer!

He was disappointed when I told him there was none. Now, if he had asked to see some code he would have certainly seen his fill.

Would I put links up? Maybe not on most of my pages. But my website is my “personal website” and not monetized. As one of my “sections” is Family & Friends I’d probably put a link there if they asked me to.

I have gotten a few “I want to buy some links on your site” requests through my contact form before - from total unknowns. Those I’ve ignored. I prefer to keep my site advertisement free and if I include a link its more like a more-information link to something related to the page content.

I agree with you Newviewit, I’m interested in these trade secrets though :shifty: how can you hide something like that online or within your work :scratch: :stuck_out_tongue: But yes, overall that’s a sensible attitude you have there :tup:

@virus stuff - Don’t get me started on that one!! :x

I don’t work that way really, I don’t really see the benefit of kicking someone when their down in order to motivate them to do better - as I said before I’m not a fan of the “tough love” approach in any situation!

Yikes Allan, has anyone ever directly said that to you about the games and that? :shifty: that’s a bit rude isn’t it?

If they did ask you for links would you link to them Allan? Or are you with the majority who say the content has to be relevant?

@the fix my pc requests - I think we have all had that whiney request at one point or another :rolleyes:

Ok, so here’s a question, not only to you Shaun but to everyone else:

Q: Say your content IS relevant to your friends/families successful website but they refuse to link to you because they want you to find your own way and not piggy back on their success - how would you feel about that? Would you be upset? Or maybe you wouldn’t be bothered at all and say no problem? But can you be so forgiving when you’re asking for help especially from a friend or family member?

This is very true . And, rejection is also a major contributing factor to alot of entrepreneur’s successes also, because it gave them that extra drive to succeed, because they felt kicked to the curb by almost everyone. It’s funny how the ones who reject and talk about you behind your back when you’re down and out always come running back, when they see you are doing good, and try to speak. For what? I think that’s kind of backwards, don’t you?

Wow! Do they have indoor plumbing and running water?
What about dipping snuff and looking for dates at family reunions :rofl:

No, that’s not true at all. Maybe for you, but not for me.

Anytime I see someone who is very successful, I’m encouraged for growth in my own success because I know that guy is no better than myself and every morning he puts his britches on one leg at a time like all the rest of us.

Why did they discontinue the site for, when they could’ve made so much ad revenue from Google AdSense and other ads?

No, I’ve read numerous articles from SEO guys that claim Yahoo, Google, Bing, and others are now only counting one way links on other websites that point to your website.

And, if you exchange links that cancels out the inbound links and you now neither site gets any benefit with the engines at all.

The reason given for this new direction by the engines is because exchanging links is being mis-used just like meta tags were being mis-used so they changed their algorithum to where they only count one way links and discount link exchanges.

If you search for articles on this you should be able to find alot of stuff about this on the net from those that are in SEO and who watch what the engines do on a regular basis

Whoever told you swapping links is a dead issue is a liar! Link exchanging online and increasing inbound links to your site will significantly boost your position in the search engines, as well as increase organic search engine traffic, while potentially increase online revenue!

That’s the nature of the beast really isn’t it, we all get jealous regardless of status or association - unfortunately yes, families and friends can become those begrudgers we despise but hopefully there are some out there that do encourage and wish us well and success! :shifty:

I do agree with having to stand on your own two feet and do your best but I also believe in helping others when and where I can :tup:

Agreed - No one like’s a beggar! :nono:

Now that’s a fine attitude to have :tup:

Interesting ZXT, this seems to be the shared opinion throughout this thread it seems! :slight_smile:

:shifty: Great news for friends so!

I really like that sentence - Stay resilient, stay fresh, stay YOU, and you cannot fail :tup: :agree: Well said! I also agree that there’s always room at the top, greed is a terrible crutch and I pity those who suffer from it! Appreciate your wise words and contribution sparkie :slight_smile:

There used to be a good SEO forum that was very active at but apparently the site owner discontinued the forum there.

They had many SEO guys and this is where I first heard about exchanging links no longer helps rankings and only one way links do.

There’s bound to be some Google experts around that can confirm this

Interesting use of words, never had you down as a preacher :smiley:

I agree but only to a certain extent - I don’t believe that everyone can swim, sometimes you need to teach some people and give them a helping hand - get them on the right path and off they go - I’ve never been much of a believer in the “tough love approach” so to speak - this is not suited to everyone IMO!

I guess this comes down to a personal preference - Personally I don’t see the harm in linking to a friends/relatives website - even if it’s not in synch with my own content I’d still do it - even if I can’t send them traffic sure maybe I might get a few more myself either, just because the content may vary doesn’t mean someone won’t click a link and not be interested in what they find - it’s all about networking to me regardless of status, content or individual - The only time I wouldn’t link to a website would be if the content was offensive, questionable or political, basically something that may offend my visitors.