Getting medical photographs for new website?

I am going to build a new website for a cardiologist. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting high quality photography for this website? I know gettyimages is complicated and costly to use their photos. If I have to use them I will. But I am hoping for an easier route. Might there be a website where I can get free photographs without infringing on any license agreements or copyrights? I suppose I could always photograph the workers myself. However, I don’t have the proper lighting equipment nor would I even know how to use it. And who is to say the office workers, nurses and doctors are photogenic? I know that the higher the quality of the photo the better thenweb design turns out to be. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

As the web designer, it isn’t up to you to provide the photography, it’s up to your client. It’s also up to him to decide what he does/doesn’t want on his website. Tell him what you would like to have. If he agrees, since he’s a cardiologist, he can certainly afford to have the photos taken.

Exactly, should you need specific photographic & professional images, your client should either A) provide them for you or B) provide you with funding to purchase them via gettyimages and the like.

Maybe this is wrong, but I have this vision of a cardiologist sneaking a camera into the operating room and standing next to the patient with his chest cavity cut open and asking the nurse to snap a picture while giving 2 thumbs up.

Not a good visual. Ouch! :lol: