Getting backlinks from .edu and .org are beneficals for SEO

I have read one article where they mentioned that getting backlinks from .edu and .org are beneficial for SEO is it true.
If it is true then from where we can get that links.
I want to increase my search rank in Google.

Matt Cutts said they worth no more than others:

I kinda hard to get backlinks from those TLDs. Maybe if you know someone one the government, you could ask them or even a university owner that you know. I’m interested on what you’ve posted. I check other replies too.

No. There is no benefit to having an educational or government body link to you.

I don’t think that .edu or .gov backlinks help in better rankings. They may just pass on some good amount of traffic and nothing much.

The only reason links from some of those sites might be more valuable is if they are considered to have greater authority because of all the sites that link to them. They’d have just as much authority if the TLD was different.

Google treats all links the same when it comes to organic ranking. Google is only concerned of how reputable a link is. Its only that links from .edu and .org are termed “official” are quickly picked by search engines.
Getting quality backlinks from these sites can impact your rankings as these are high traffic websites.
Refer to this link about how Google rates links

Why would some site belonging to a foreign school be deemed to be more “official” than a site belonging to a local school - or any other educational type site for that matter? Also .org is no more official than .com - it was .gov (which belongs to some foreign government and is therefore mostly irrelevant) that was the second TLD being discussed.

The sites on those TLDs are only more “official” because more sites link to them than link to their competition.

They are no more benefit than any other link - just do this search a search for viagra and see what yo get:
I get >100 000 results … do you think Google is that stupid they give extra weight to .edu’s???

It is true that SERP depends on the back links, we can say that back links is works as back bone for SERP. Dot Edu, .Gov, .Org domain indicates towards government organisations. These are the reputed domains and its have own importance.
Search Engine gives the priority these domains link If we takes link from such domains definitely it will beneficial for us by the point of SERP because these links easily crawled by search engine.

This isn’t right. By their nature, .edu and .gov links are considered Authority sources by Google and so tend to be good backlinks but it’s not the TLD, it’s the site itself.

Yes I do, because it’s not stupid. But as with all links, even .edu links are not created equal. A link from a published and well linked to scientific .edu paper is going to be worth more than a link from a .edu forum profile that’s never been used because it was made by a spam bot.

I posted this very same video on here just a few days ago to prove to Felgall that links from sites like facebook and twitter are treated the ‘same as any other link’.

You need to read between the lines with MC though, he’s disingenious. The TLD is treated no differently from any other but .edu sites tend to have content written by ‘proper’ people, have good editorial control and are linked to by other respectable institutions. So, they have Authority and links from them tend to be worth more than from ‘regular’ sites. It’s not the domain, it’s the content.

But that’s nothing to do with the domain, rather that a government or educational body is likely to have a site with professionally-written content that is heavily linked to from relevant sites.

Yes, but the OP asked if “getting backlinks from .edu and .org are beneficial for SEO” and the answer is yes they are, but not because of the .edu TLD.

so everyone who said ‘no they’re not’ was wrong and everyone who said ‘.edu are treated the same as other links’ was right but missing the point.

i know backlinks from .edu, .gov and .org are beneficals for SEO, but i have little more question, how to get backlink from above mentioned domain?