.edu and .gov backlinks?

How .edu and .gov helpful in keyword ranking?

[FONT=verdana]They don’t. Or, rather, they do, but no more or less than any other top-level domain (TLD). The fact that a site is a .gov or a .edu is irrelevant as far as the value of the links is concerned.

It’s true that .gov sites tend to be more authoratitive, and are themsevles often the target of high-quality links. That will increase the value of any links to your site from the .gov site. But the fact that the domain happens to be a .gov is not itself of any value.

The same is true for .edu sites, but to a lesser extent, as these are often crammed with lower-quality postings from students.


They do have effect on ranking but after so many Google updates, you have to focus on more areas like onpage seo and lot of parameters in offpage seo like varying your anchor text, how fats you building your links and many things,.

No, they don’t.

The search engines ignore the top level domain when considering what the links are worth. It is the relevance of the link that is of greatest importance.