Getting audio players to play their respective streams out of their element


The instructions from post #1338 work for Firefox as well as for Chrome.


What do I click on in the firefox browser?


Click on the reported line number.



It was line 208 that was being reported to you.

Next up from my instructions, are:



207 - line BELOW the function name


That is right, 207 is the line that you should breakpoint, though it will work with line 208 as well.


ok. 207 is now highlighted instead.


What is next from my instructions, that seems to have been ignored for many hours.

Ahh, here we go.


I see a whole list of things now.


You will see that the Call Stack area has a list of functions that have been called, up to the pause in execution.
And, you can hover over variables to find out what they contain.Hover over the button parameter and you'll see that it's undefined.

So in the call stack, go to the handler function.




play button.

overly, right?


Please explain further about what you mean there.


I think that you don't know what I meant when I said Call stack, because there's only one handler shown there.



What is the heading of that area on the right panel? Scroll up to find the heading.


hide initialoverlay


No that's not the heading The section heading is shown in that right panel on a grey background.

  • Find the section heading
  • learn where you've gone wrong
  • figure out where the call stacks are
  • and then make further progress from there.