Getting all pins from Pinterest Board


Pinterest API used to work earlier but since they changed we cannot directly access the pins via API.

Earlier through this link<username>/<boardname>/pins/?access_token=<accesstoken>&limit=10&fields=id,link,image

we could get the pins and link and link to next page

so by using json_decode we could then get the image/media, link to the image/media and link to the next pagination.

But post their API change it no longer works and even though APP has been registered its almost over a month and still its in pending state. So since it is in pending state only 50 odd requests can be made and with a bigger board it is a problem.

So is there no way we can get the entire list of pins and links with a single call? Any help? Thanks


Do they not have any support for the API?


No. Tried asking them but no response. From the documentation, I could gather that for more calls to API we need to register the APP and get the APP approved. So we completed that process but its in pending state for over 3 months and no response as to when they would approve the APP. So till that point they allow only limited calls to API.


The trouble is, if you find an unofficial way around this, you may find that stops working at some point without warning. If you’ve had to register to get their API, you also might find they get upset that you’ve working around their conditions of use, which might not end well. Do they have a forum so you can see whether other developers are also having these delays?


Thanks. Not looking for any unofficial way. There are a couple of plugins which allow downloading of pins from Pinterest board without these limits, but these may not be right. Actually, I contacted Pinterest with the same query but did not get any response, so thought of posting on Sitepoint, just incase any one has come across a similar issue and somehow managed to fix the issue. And I have registered and requested API approval around 2 months back and even contacted their support, but till a point the API is in development state (not approved by Pinterest) we can only query a limited times per hour I think around 10. Now if the board has say 1000 pins then we are able to retrieve only say 200-300 pins and not all pins.