Getting access to my Google Analytics

I have been unable to access my Google Analytics accounts for over a week when I signed in they said they had upgraded and asked me to agree to new terms and conditions. After that they treated me as if I was a new member. So UA’s are accumulating data but I can’t access. I’ve sent my question and asked for help from Google [4 times] and still now answer. Help?

Sounds like you need to find another contact link whether it’s email, a linkedin profile or a twitter account. Possibly try a password reset… If your account is locked there’s not much anyone outside of Google can do.

You wrote "So UA’s are accumulating data but I can’t access. " What does it mean? What type of error you see?

Try to reset your password and read Google FAQ. May be you could find an information about such problems. I’m afraid, only Google can help you

Do you remember your password?