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Iam just confuse how many effective way to get top in google. Is google pagerank is also responsible for that.


Create, useful, informative, unique content that users will want to view and link to. In fact, become an authoritative Internet-based expert beyond compare in your chosen niche. It will take time and hard work.

Alternatively, go for one of the many gee-whizz, supa-dupa, instant success products that are advertised all over the Internet - these, in the end, will likely cost you quite a few $$$ and many carry the potential for getting your website banned from Google for breaching their webmaster guidelines.

And, Google Pagerank carries little, or no, weight in getting your website to the top of Google’s SERPs

Certainly not… There are so many things that contribute in increasing your web rankings and PR is NOT one of them.

There are ton of websites on the Internet having good PR but not everyone has good web rankings.

For improving your rankings, you need to work on the three aspects of your website

  • Quality of content
  • Quality of backlinks
  • Social media reputation

don’t pay much attentinion to PR, concentrate on quality content and social networks, look for good quality backlinks (don’t waste your time on spamming backlinks everywhere)

Website needs time to build the ranking. Continuing the marketing plan that you are doing, your site will be improved one day. If you keep the effort for 6 month in average, you will see the results drastically.

The method I’ve been using is simple and effective. Build a website with high-quality and unique content, and continue to expand on it. At the same time, contribute with high-quality, informative and helpful posts in respected forums within the same topic as your website. When relevant to the threads you are writing in, useful to the members of the forum and within the guidelines and spirit of the specific forum, refer other members to articles on your website.

Working using this method for an hour or two every day for the next five or ten years will almost surely guarantee success. Nothing else will.

PR is not a big ranking factor… Other than quality content, good page speed and quality of links, “domain diversity” is also very important.

Hi, consider the ff. things:

  • Make sure you provide the highest quality, most relevant search results possible.When it comes to search engine rankings and improving SEO, start by looking at the site from the perspective of the user searching Google.

  • Place high quality original content

  • Place quality links. move a site up the search engine rankings was to generate a high number of incoming links all pointing to a given web page.

  • Make the most of social media, social sharing and social search.

  • Once you’ve published high-quality content, it’s important to tell Google about the content and make it easy for users to find. This means that meta titles and descriptions should closely match the content on the page.

Keyword stuffing and intentionally filling meta descriptions with keywords that don’t match the page in an attempt to deceive will only hurt your search engine results. The closer the match, the better.

Oh, I almost forgot: I’ve had some success at having websites mentioned in hardcopy books and magazines, as these seem to hit a different audience than forum users.

That’s like asking how to build a car…
There is a lot to learn when it comes to SEO

Pagerank does matter in google. Usually more higher pagerank website can easily findable in google search engine. So this is the effective way. I did that personally in my website I just purchase package from Within 1 year my pagerank is improve up to 4 and also i notice increase of traffic. So i can say with my personal experience that pagerank does matter in search engine.

NO. Page rank is not related to ranking. PR is all about quality back links to your website.
You can do se friendly website optimization, design and development, also can submit some articles in some good articles sites like ezine and isnare. blogging and blog commenting is good to build back links also take part in forums who provides do follow back links in signature, so you can increase your ranking. These all process may take up to 5-6 months time to come on top ranking in google.
You can also target particular country to get Quick ranking.

Hi, You can get top position then get best links and your website attractive for user. Take help from social network sites …

try using more images with title text as your targeted keyword, create unique content and keep building some good backlinks!

and of course it is not limited you can try many other ways to get on top

Thanks for all your suggestion. As per all comments backlinks is not all but can be major factor. Now i already had covered quality Content and On Page Optimization. But i also loved to have my website high pagerank. So any suggestion. One of comment suggest that is good in that. But how much time it will take to improve my website pagerank

Well Getting top on Google is like a dream comes true. Generally high page rank requires unique and quality content and high quality backlink. So if you can make them consistently the once you may get a good rank on Google.:stuck_out_tongue:

Due to the competitive nature of search engine optimization getting on the top of Google is not easy. It takes a lots of hard works to get there. I would suggest you to make sure that your site on page optimization is done properly because that’s probably the first step. Then make sure that you select your keywords properly. Don’t go after keywords that are too competitive because not only it is going to take a long time to get on the top, but you site may never get to your desired position.

Next, you should have an effective link building campaign. There are various methods that you can use to achieve that. Among them you’ll find article marketing, press release, blog commenting, forum posting, and social bookmarking. Just do your best to build your links from sites that are reputable. It may take you a long time to get there success can be yours if you truly know and understand all the basics about search engine optimization. Patience, commitment, and perseverance is also very important if you want to see genuine results from the search results.

Hey there,

if you want to achieve no. 1 in Google for a certain keyword(s), you should be adding fresh relevant unique content regularly. You should also be adding backlinks to your site, try to increase link velocity gradually.

If you don’t know what link velocity is, let me give you an example: If you have a brand new site, on day 1 after its launch you can create 10 links, next day 15, the following day 20 and so on. This makes Google think that these links are all natural.

Just don’t blast 500 links to your site one day, and zero the following day. These links won’t have a good value.

Only one way White hat SEO …

Use Fresh and unique content
Keyword dentisty
Get quality backlinks
use sitemap