Get this tooltip script to work in Opera and to not work in IE 9 and less

I am trying to get this tooltip script to work in Opera and I don’t know why nothing is showing when I try it in Opera.

Also, for some reason, the styling is completely different and messed up in IE 9 and less, so I am trying to use IE conditional comments to prevent the jQuery that initiates it from initiating it in IE 9 or less, but that doesn’t seem to be working.

Here is the webpage with a running example of the script:

I would sincerely and greatly appreciate any and all help achieving these two goals or even one of them.

Thanks in Advance,
Team 1504

Hi there,

I just had a look at the link you posted and got a 404.
Did you get your problem sorted out?

Yes, I did. Apologies for that. I made a similar post in the CSS forum and they helped me find a new tooltip script that works in IE and Opera.

Good news :slight_smile:
Thanks for following up.

No problem :slight_smile:
Thanks for checking on me!