Get rid of linkedin account


Someone’s asked me to get rid of their linkedin account / stop linkedin emails. I can’t find an account for them on linkedin after a quick search. The person has never created an account on linkedin.

He’s getting emails like this:

From: LinkedIn Updates <>
Subject: Xxxxxxxx added connections you may know

I could just block emails from linkedin on his email server maybe, or just in his email software, but I’m wondering if he does have an account and if it’d be to delete it, bearing in mind he never created one? Does the above kind of email suggest he has a linkedin account or not? Thanks.

Sounds like some sort of phishing attempt. I would treat it as spam.


The first thing is that… if those e-mails are real, you do not have any control over them. Is he sure that he never created a linkedIn account? If it is true that nobody used that particular e-mail address to create an account on linkedIn, then he may be right.

What’s your paper here? Are you his hosting provider? The problem is his but if he really wants to stop all traffic from linkedIn, you could create a rule (something that he could do too in his e-mail program) to delele automatically any messages from linkedIn.

For the LinkedIn e-mail and the text you posted, the messages look legit. But this means nothing. Someone could have fake it and make it look like real. Without the headers of the e-mail, it is hard to know.

But, if he truly never created a LinkedIn account, do you know what I would try? Log in and see what information is there. He may then remember that yes, he signed up ages ago and that he even had one contact.

He already has the e-mail address used so he could do a password recovery to receive an e-mail to create the password. If he can do that, then probably the mails were true and either someone created the account with his e-mail address or he did it and doesn’t remember.

> [COLOR=#333333]Log in and see what information is there.

That’s what I did and it there was an account for his email address! He swears he never opened one. Anyway, have closed the account so all should be well now.

Thanks for the info.[/COLOR]

Just out of curiosity… was there his information? or someone else’s using his account?

Glad that the problem is sorted

I didn’t really delve. Obviously they had his email address but that isn’t particularly private. I don’t think there really was any much furhter info. But as I say, I didn’t really delve. He’s not the sort of person to open a LinkedIn account. Unless you can almost do that accidentally, which I don’t think you can, he didn’t open it himself. Presumably if you have an email address and an account you could just go ahead and open an account, although saying that LinkedIn hopefully require confirmation of email account access. I don’t know, anyway, thanks.

@johnyboy; No, thanks to you for asnwering my question. And yes, you’re right. LinkedIn does send you an e-mail to confirm your account :smiley: