Get rid of horizontal scrollbar?

I am trying to figure out how to make it so that the scrollbar (horizontal) doesnt work
I have the whole page in a frame im trying to center using
#customframe {
width: 1625px;
The image is pretty wide (1625px) so a scrollbar appears if its viewed on a small monitor. About 250px on both the left and right side on the image are gradients and dont transition well into black. So is there a way I can makje it so that the scrollbar can be seen/used?

Bad idea, but I’m not one to judge, body {overflow-x:hidden;} will kill it.

maybe try:

overflow-x: hidden !important;

to disable horizontal scrolling.

You are confusing me here, if you don’t want scrolling and you use code given by eric/technetic then it will cut off the image.

But then you say you want to be able to use the scrollbar?

If you cut off the <body> with overflow-x:hidden; then it will cut off the image, surely not what you want…?

That is difficult to decipher :slight_smile:

Are you sure you need to make that element that large in the first place - are you simply wanting to center the large background?

#customframe {
  background: url(/images/content.jpg) repeat-y top center;
  width: 100&#37;;

yerp, yourt right, ill make that image like 1400px

Umm, I think you missed my point completely. You don’t need to set a width at all - a background image will show only as much as is needed - the image can be 999999px wide if you’d like and it won’t show a scroll bar - unless you explicitly set a width on the element.

A picture is worth a thousand words - try and provide a working demo next time :wink: