Get Penguinning and Win an Annual Learnable Membership!

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If you love cute animals and memes (and who doesn’t), then this is the competition for you.

We’ve been amazed by the response to our first Christmas Sale offer this year — a two-year Learnable membership with a big donation to the Penguin Foundation — and we decided we want to throw down for the penguins!

So we are launching a competition via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and our forums for the 5 best penguin-themed memes. The winners will each receive an annual Learnable membership.

How to enter:


Tweet your meme to @sitepointdotcom with #penguinning


Post your meme on our wall with #penguinning


Post your meme on Instagram with #penguinning and tagging @learnablehq

SitePoint Forums

Comment on this article to submit your meme to our forums.

Don’t want to create your own?

Spread the word and like your favorites! You can retweet our lead off tweet.

Competition Ends December 17 11:59 pm PST
Winners will be notified within a few days.

Meme Competition Rules

  • Memes must be submitted as directed above.
  • No profanity (in the caption or the picture).
  • Memes must be original.
  • Each meme post should have the watermark/hashtag “#penguinning” and tag/mention SitePoint where applicable.
  • The penguinning memes will be judged by a panel of specialist SitePoint penguin judges.

Mind giving an example please?

No worries, @Mittineague. If you are submitting on a social network we’re asking you to use the hashtag and tag SitePoint on that platform (@sitepointdotcom for Twitter). If you’re submitting on here then there’s no need to tag us :smile:
I’ll update the post to reflect this, thanks!

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