Get data from another site using Google Tag Manager

Hello, I have some case which I don’t really understand how to do that. I have two sites called and In I put the Google Tag Manager scripts to push form submit data like full name, last name, email, etc. After somebody submit the form I want to get the submited data in to with Google Tag Manager. My problem is how to get the data after somebody submited the form in in my ? Am I need to put Google Tag Manager scripts too in my ? And how to pull the data in and then save to databases. Thanks.

Well that’s about 20 questions about something i’d never even heard of jammed all into one paragraph.

I get the impression that the answer you’re seeking is somewhere more along the lines of “This is a matter for the server side language you use to process form submissions, rather than javascript.”, but i’m not entirely sure what a Tag is, let alone what Tag Manager does or how it stores its data.

AFAIK, “tags” help to provide more detail. For example, if the path to conversion is something like

Landing page → [Product page ver A or Product page ver B] → Cart form → Success

statics can be gathered to see what page users land on, what percentage of users bail on each page. etc.

@antoniomichael88s Have you set up the “container” to work with both domains?

if the user experience and tags on a website span more than one domain, it’s best to set up a single container that serves all the domains involved

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