GeoTrust SSL Certificate for Android devices

I am currently using the GeoTrust SSL with EV on my eCommerce site. It works nicely for various browsers I have tried.

However, when I access the site with my android phone, a warning pops up saying that the SSL certificate is from an untrusted source. Does this happen to all SSL on Android, or only to GeoTrust SSL? Should I consider switching SSL provider down the road?

It’ll likely be specific to geotrust as I don’t see errors on any ssl sites on my android. Their own site says its not readily compatible with android versions earlier than 2.3

Thank you EastCoast!

I will contact GeoTrust regarding the “cross root intermediate certificate” they specified on that page.


Does this support article describe what you are seeing It may explain why there is different behaviour on different devices.

Yes, I think this is exactly what the problem is. Thank you very much!