Generate graphics to embed in emails

Here is my situation: each month I am sending a report to the users of a website. This email is automatically generated by a .NET process running each 5th day of the month. So far it is working fine, I am loading a template and add information relevant to each user that I am getting from a database, this information is shown as text.

What I am asked to do is to enhance those emails by using graphics. My doubt is how should I do to generate those graphics, save them as picture to be embed in the emails. Embedding images in an email is not problem. How to generate those charts is my issue, how should I do that ?

Update: it seems one option would using a Devexpress (I own a license of those components) control called WebChartControl and export is as an image.

Why don’t you give us a sample script that you tried and did not work? There is not enough information provided for us to help you.

I went here to find some possibilities, such as the following.

Note that they are both in the section Graphics and Drawing - Windows Forms .NET Framework | Microsoft Docs.

You do not say what type of application you are developing; those articles are relevant to Windows Forms but you can use the relevant classes in console programs too. For WPF the classes might be a bit different, I am not sure.

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