GeekGames Results - Late & Not Fair?

Well, the GeekGames were supposed to end at 2:00 PM (Melbourne Time) but it ended at 10:30 PM as soon as someone with the account named “IAmJoy”. Am I sensing some partiality by SitePoint in their on contest? I was really excited for the results.

Actually, the games were meant to finish at 9PM Melbourne Time.

Check - . The points 3.1 & 3.2 clearly mention that it was meant to finish at 2PM.

Oh, there does seem to be an inconsistency in the terms :confused:
They have links throughout “when the competition closes” which show a closing time of 9pm.

The forums aren’t technically part of the Sitepoint business which was running the competition so you may get a better response sending your question to

I have emailed them about it. But is it mention anywhere on the website that it was supposed to end at 9PM? No where. Pretty disappointing from sitepoint.