GDPR query

Hi all

With all the GDPR information doing the rounds, i have been reading a lot in to it and have found nothing that deals in simple terminology for me. I have 2 websites, 1 HTML 1 word press. Neither of these websites gather or keep anyone’s email address’s or have a sign up for newsletter feature. Its has no T&C checkbox or anything that remotely gets kept by server or user.

Do i still need a disclaimer for any of this? Or, as my understanding, as long as the data isn’t kept or used the sites are fine?


Does it use cookies or analytics?

Yes it uses GA

It’s possible that your site also uses cookies, possibly wordpress for use with sessions


so i should use some text telling users that Cookies may be used for analytic purposes etc, etc and tell them how to turn off cookies from their browser?

Something like the following should be enough:

Thank you very much

read this about GA and GDPR as the code for GA might need updating as well

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