GD doesn't want to play on php 5.3.4

Hi there,

I am using the bundled apache and php 5.4.3 with mac os 10.6.7, and I have an issue with the GD library. According to the Configure Command using phpinfo, I have gd compiled with jpeg, png, tif etc enabled:

‘/var/tmp/apache_mod_php/apache_mod_php-53.4~2/php/configure’ ‘–prefix=/usr’ ‘–mandir=/usr/share/man’ ‘–infodir=/usr/share/info’ ‘–disable-dependency-tracking’ ‘–sysconfdir=/private/etc’ ‘–with-apxs2=/usr/sbin/apxs’ ‘–enable-cli’ ‘–with-config-file-path=/etc’ ‘–with-libxml-dir=/usr’ ‘–with-openssl=/usr’ ‘–with-kerberos=/usr’ ‘–with-zlib=/usr’ ‘–enable-bcmath’ ‘–with-bz2=/usr’ ‘–enable-calendar’ ‘–with-curl=/usr’ ‘–enable-exif’ ‘–enable-ftp’ ‘–with-gd’ ‘–with-jpeg-dir=/BinaryCache/apache_mod_php/apache_mod_php-53.4~2/Root/usr/local’ ‘–with-png-dir=/BinaryCache/apache_mod_php/apache_mod_php-53.4~2/Root/usr/local’ ‘–enable-gd-native-ttf’ ‘–with-ldap=/usr’ ‘–with-ldap-sasl=/usr’ ‘–enable-mbstring’ ‘–enable-mbregex’ ‘–with-mysql=mysqlnd’ ‘–with-mysqli=mysqlnd’ ‘–with-pdo-mysql=mysqlnd’ ‘–with-mysql-sock=/var/mysql/mysql.sock’ ‘–with-iodbc=/usr’ ‘–enable-shmop’ ‘–with-snmp=/usr’ ‘–enable-soap’ ‘–enable-sockets’ ‘–enable-sysvmsg’ ‘–enable-sysvsem’ ‘–enable-sysvshm’ ‘–enable-wddx’ ‘–with-xmlrpc’ ‘–with-iconv-dir=/usr’ ‘–with-xsl=/usr’ ‘–enable-zend-multibyte’ ‘–enable-zip’ ‘–with-pcre-regex=/usr’

I am running functions such as: imagejpeg(); imagecreatetruecolor(); imagecreatefromjpeg(); and imagecopyresampled(); At the moment, for some reason, I am not getting any error messages generated on screen (ie HTML), and am not sure where to find error logs for apache, but my guess is a fatal error call to unknown function.

Could it be that os 10.6 has incorrectly compiled apache and the php 5 module?

Many thanks in advance,