Gaps between Posts too large

On my home page, the gap between posts is larger when viewed with IE9 than with Firefox (see diagram below). Any idea why?





Just to be clear, this shows the excessive gap I am talking about:

The site looks the same in Chrome, Firefox, IE9 and IE8 to me.

IE7 seems to have a gap. Perhaps it’s caused by the empty clearing div between each entry. Try removing those and see if that stops the gap.

As an <aside>, it’s strange that you’ve got your main content inside an <aside> element. How did this come about? I know HTML5 is confusing, but I didn’t expect to see that. :slight_smile:

I am using the Catalyst framework and the posts are inside an Excerpt Widget.

Are you saying you don’t see the gap like I do in the pic on the second post I made?

I’m saying I checked your site in IE9 and IE8, and the gap represented in your images wasn’t there. Have you refreshed your browser/cleared your cache? Perhaps you’re seeing an old version of the site. Anyhow, the gap isn’t there in real life … except in IE7, but that’s irrelevant now, I’d say.

That image you posted is not IE9 as the box shadow is missing from the image on the left unless you have clicked the compatibility button in error?

The gap is as Ralph suggests formed by the empty clearer div you have in place which these days are unnecessary. Either remove them and just set each block to clear:both (if needed) or if you can’t remove them at least set their height to 1px and hide the overflow.

Paul, you solved it for me - big thanks! I knew there was a compatability feature but it never occured to me. It looks like I’ve been surfing with it constantly switched on. Horrah!!

You surf with IE? :eek:

O well, at least you are in for a pleasant surprise with IE9 (in its proper mode)—which is a big improvement over previous versions of IE.

I use Firefox. But I have IE9 open for some stuff as Firefox doesn’t always run some video etc.

Huh, I’ve never experienced that.