Function not keeping the order

I have to include an HTML at the bottom ( a colour picker ). I placed the code as a function in index.template.php, the file which defines the home page. But even after placing the code as a function in the last line, it loads first at the top. How to embed the html into the web page created by PHP, or atleast make it come at the bottom ?

May be I should ask that why all other functions come by order when the one I placed doesn’t. This is the code I placed

    function template_colour_picker()

    $html = '<div ng-app="myApp" ng-controller="ngPicky">
<div class="category_header forum_category" style="background:{{color | toHex}};"></div><picker color="color"></picker>';
    return $html;


Just in case you need to know more, this is the file I am trying to add the html code as a function


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