FULLTEXT search problem

Hi Guys;
I am new in mysql and have not that much of knowledge about the sql language. I am trying to join 2 tables so I can compare that title field in table resources with keywords filed in table categories and this is what I wrote but no matter how I can not get it to work.

SELECT * FROM rss_articles JOIN rss_categories
(MATCH (rss_articles.title) AGAINST (rss_categories.keywords IN BOOLEAN MODE)

Would you please tell me where am I going wrong? The keywords are comma seperated in the rss_categories.keywords field.

Thanks a lot for the help

to start with, storing a comma-delimited list in a single column value is going to give you a ~lot~ of headaches

i don’t really understand what you’re trying to match, though

the entire title against all keywords? only one keyword? does each keyword have to be included in the title?

in any case i’m going to guess that FULLTEXT is not what you want here