FULLTEXT Match Against

Hi guys,

I’m having a little issue with a fulltext match against query.

I have a table with a list of people’s full names. Example

Bob Saget
Bob Johnson
Bob Thompson

now… If I search for “johnson” it will find “Bob Johnson”

however, If I search for “Bob” it won’t find anything.

I’ve noticed that if there are more than two matching results, it won’t find any results. If it’s two or less, it finds it perfectly. Any ideas?

Here’s my code

$search_query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE MATCH(full_name) AGAINST('$user_searched')")or die(mysql_error());

while($search_array = mysql_fetch_array($search_query)){

echo"$full_name - $username<br>";    

FROM users
full_name like '%$user_searched%'

That will search for all users whose name contains the string. To match names starting with the string, remove the lefthand %