Fullscreen Grid Layout CSS

Hello, :slight_smile:
I am new in CSS , i want to make the grid layout like this image.

How to create a 100% grid in height? So, the web page have no scroll.
I have a concept for width is 100% / 6, but i don’t know how make 100% height?

Please help, thank you.

Hi fanjavaid. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

While a layout like this can be done, it’s not very practical for the web, which does have many limitations—including a myriad of devices with varying sizes and behaviors. If you try to step outside the bounds of what’s safe on the web, you’ll soon discover a world of pain when you try to get something like that to work everywhere.

As an example, the desire for 100% height, and fixed height boxes, is not all that practical. CSS wasn’t designed well for fixed heights, meaning that people often resort to JS, which is unreliable for a number of reasons (e.g. you can’t guarantee that the end user even has it turned on). And then there are fonts, which end users can have set to any size, meaning that your fixed-height design will look like it’s been hit by a train.