Fullcalendar header output


I am using FullCalendar v1.6.7 js, and need to change the way the header is output.
Right now it outputs like this

<td>left side (today, prev/next)</td>
<td>center (title)</td>
<td>right side (month, week, day)</td>

how can I change it to

<td>top (title)</td>
<td>middle (today, prev/next)</td>
<td>bottom (month, week, day)</td>

or even better to

<div class="fullcal-header">
<div class="fullcal-title">title</div>
<div class="fullcal-prev-next">prev-next</div>
<div class="fullcal--mwd">month, week, day</div>

This is to have the header resize without creating horizontal scroll when resizing window (smaller devices)

Thank you

It seems that a complete rewrite of the rowRenderer part of the fullcalendar script would be required, along with updates to the headHtml section.

Two easy options present themself here:

  1. Make an update request to the original developer
  2. Find another calendar library that better suits your needs

Thank you.

1 - I have, but no reply, yet.
2 - I wish I knew enough to then integrate it with the cms.

I’ll wait, and in the meantime try to find alernatives.

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