Full screen view of the site

Hi to all,

I have a j query sideshow and i want to put a link in slideshow page to view the slide show in full screen like in this site http://www.pix360.com/ you can view the full screen by clicking the button on top right corner the problem is this site is in flash but we need this functionality in html.One more thing that i want to view in parent window not in popup or new window.

How we can do this.

kindly help to get rid of this issue.


JavaScript cannot steal the full screen, it has to be the end user who invokes it.

One thing you could do is monitor to see if the user hits the F11 key (full screen) and upon that have JS do whatever it needs to, that should work. :slight_smile:

The example you posted is a Flash thingy.
Flash can do full screen, Javascript can’t.