Full page width footer

Hi All,

I have a problem trying to implement a full width footer in my site.http://70.85/131/~rouhleyi/wordpress I’m using a wordpress framework which is my first problem (never again) if you take a look at my div that say bottom my width right now is 940px. If I take out the width and leave in the height that trick did not seem to work. Any suggestions?

Are you sure your URL is 70.85? I don’t think that’s right, or in any case, I can’t open it.

Chances are if your footer’s width is restricted, it’s inside a box with restricted width. Sometimes templates like from WordPress will just be extra redundant for the sake of redundant redundancy for redundancy, and also for m0aR better code bloat. But that width may have been doing nothing all along.

If you have something like
page stuff.
then footer won’t be able to get any wider than mainpagebox.

So if that’s the case (I don’t know), you would have to move the footer out. You could try placing the whole footer right before the closing </body> tag, however I haven’t seen your code so this may be way off. But generally that’s what full-width things do if they are on a page with limited width.

Your correct the correct url should be

As @Stomme_poes says, you need to move the footer out of the #page div for it to be able to stretch the full width of the browser.

I guess I should post some code here to help things along

<?php ashford_close_box(); ?>
</div><!-- /#box_inner --><div style="clear:both;"><!-- Yes, I know this is a IE7 hack.--></div></div><!-- /#box -->
<?php ashford_region_content_bottom(); ?>
<?php ashford_close_page(); ?>
</div><!-- /#page-inner--></div><!-- /#page-->
<?php wp_footer(); ?>
<?php ashford_close_canvas(); ?>
</div></div><!-- /#canvas_inner,#canvas -->
<?php ashford_close_body(); ?>

Now lines 2 3 and 4 I would think would have to be moved to just above the close body tag correct?

It’s really this div you ant to move:

<div class="region" id="bottom">

It’s hard to tell from that code about where that div is inserted. This is becoming more of a WordPress question, so I’ll move this to the WP forum.

Thanks Ralph. If anyone can get their head around this it would be appreciated. I have moved the part that says <?php ashford_region_content_bottom(); ?> below the canvas but what it does is add a second scroll bar so this is a weird problem and the forum for the theme is no help