FTP Transfer Speed

Hi all, I haven’t been here for a while but keep in touch through the newsletter. I’ve had a problem for over a year now, or at least since I purchased a new computer running Win 7 64bit. You may be asking yourself why has this guy let a problem go unresolved for the better part of a year and a half, well I have exhausted every possible resource to find a solution including sending the computer back to the dealer for repairs, which were also related to other issues.

Anyow the problem is this, my FTP transfer rate is a whopping 12-13kbs. I know it sounds hard to believe but it is in fact a reality and as I’ve stated I’ve been unable to find any answer as to what may cause this to run so slowly. I’ve consulted my host, the forums at ‘filezilla’ (though I now use WinSCP) and everyone I could possibly think of under the sun. I have a DSL connection, which runs fine by normal DSL standards, I’m able to download large files from the internet at a rate of about 160kbs.

I can’t help think this is related to the computer itself, but I have no clue as to what may cause the program to run slowly and as I’ve stated, I’ve been unable to find anyone who either has a similar problem or has enough FTP knowledge to speculate. I’ve learned to live with it, I simply except the fact that an FTP transfer will be a long drawn out process. However enough is enough already, there simply has to be a resolution to this somewhere, someone must know the answer.

So now I come back to sitepoint, with a remote hope that someone will step up and say, “I’ve had that problem too and here’s how you mend it”. This is certainly a learned crowd and I type this with fingers crossed. The other day it took me close to four hours to upload a 180MB video file to my server, there has to be a fix…

No idea exactly what the cause is, but figuring out where to look shouldn’t be horribly difficult. Here is what I’d start with:

a) Setup a FTP server on the local machine (IIS/IIS FTP 7.5 would be adequate). Then ftp something locally.
b) FTP into the machine from something else on your LAN
c) FTP out of the machine into something else on your LAN

If (a), (b) and (c) are slow, then you’ve got a nasty problem on that machine vis-a-vis FTP. If all three things are quick, then it is a connectivity issue of some sort. I’d start with swapping the router. If parts are quick but others aren’t, post here and we’ll troubleshoot further.

thanks for the prompt reply wwb_99, I will give that a try then let you know the results

The router or firewall would most likely be the culprit. Though PASV mode can affect speeds as can the FTP server settings at the other end. I assume you are transferring via a landline rather than wireless. But there shouldn’t be that huge a speed difference if things are working correctly and there isn’t an upload speed limiter. Are you getting these issues when downloading via public FTP sites too?

I’ve FTP’d things through lots of routers, big and small, and never had that sort of problem where there wasn’t another fatal flaw with the networking.

The other thing here – are we talking FTP download or upload? Most internet connections are asymmetric still, so your 15k upload could actually be what your upload speed is.

I’m uploading onto my server (hosting account) via land line, I’ve done everything as far as passive mode and turned off firewall as well. I’ve contacted my host with respect to this as well, I also get the same results when downloading from another server.

I have not had time to troubleshoot as wwb_99 has suggested, but certainly will within’ the next day or two (busy). I want to say something internal is blocking the transfer, it is not the software or the settings.

Thanks again for your input, greatly appreciated and I will respond…

Try a speed test and post what you’re getting: Speakeasy - Speed Test