Frustration - Need Help!


I’m working on creating a simple, Twitter-like website with the use of HTML, CSS and PHP.

All was going smoothly, and looked nice… Until I noticed something.
If the user zooms-out of the web page, or shrinks the window, the side bar content moves out of position. I’ve tried to fix this, but I do not know how…
Also, I’m not certain if this bug applies to IE users.

Can someone help me?
Thank you!


  • Eric

Basically, you should follow these steps:

Create a .content div inside #body. Give it a width of about 565px and move the current #body content into it. Then set it to float:left.

Now move the sidebar div into the #body div as well, and set it to float: right.

This is the basic way to lay things out on the web. You need both content and sidebar contained in the same wrapper so that they will move together no matter what the viewport does.

Give that a try and post back if you need fine-tuning. :slight_smile:

Oh, it works!
Thank you very much!


  • Eric