Front-end: Help to find a BUG or give some advice. T T

My mind stunned. T T
Anyone volunteer to help me to test this?
As a girl, I am proud to be a programmer. Only feel desperate when everyone else go to bars and leave me with my PC. T T

That’s a bit vague. What is the issue?

It’s a widget, like “Like” button. we offer a test version on that page…

What does it do? It needs a clearer explanation … for me, anyhow. :slight_smile:

It helps the web users save web files to their clouds directly.
You can register with your google+ account and get a code, then you use it on your web unofficially. It’s only a test version anyway…

It is unstable sometimes but I cannot find out the reason.

I got a few error messages
ReferenceError: event is not defined sdk.js:946
ReferenceError: event is not defined developers.js:12


          ele.find('.blnp-cloud').bind('click', function () {
            var ele = $(this);
            if (ele.hasClass('more')) {
            var ex = event.x || 0;
            var ey = event.y || 0;
            var wx = event.view.innerWidth || 0;
            var wy = event.view.innerHeight || 0;
            var sx = event.pageX;
            var sy = event.pageY;
            if (ey > wy / 2) {
              sy = sy - 477;
            if (wx - 245 < ex) {
              sx = sx - 245;
            if (sy < 0) {
              sy = ev.pageY;


    $(document).bind('click', function () {
      var ele = $(;
      if (!'#user-more,#user-menu,#user-menu *')) {
        $('#user-menu').css('display', 'none');

Sorry, I entered the wrong reference. Now the address is right. Please click here again.
Is this the reason that I am not a qualified programmer? T T

That’s where I went. I saw the error with the link and removed the extra http:

How does jQuery pass events to anonymous functions?
When you can answer that you’ll know what to do to fix things.

Thank u …

Thank you Mittineague!

Glad you spotted it. :thumbsup:

It can be a bit misleading at first when the functions you see don’t have any arguments.
(They’re usually the ones that have “this” which can be equally as confusing at first)

Hi, Mittineague. Do you remember me? I am the girl who ask for help but past my web address with an extra http://.
Thanks for your help and now everything is ok. I think our widget is cool but I see people come to the web and then they just go with no interests. I don’t know why. T T. Is it too difficult to add my codes?
You were very kind to me and do you mind to help me again? Please…T T

I tried to send you a private message but I was not allowed…

I’m not the best on accessing interest or usability issues.
If you dare risk getting feedback you might rather not hear (even if you probably should hear it). please start a new topic in Reviews

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Thank you and I think I must try it.

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