Front-end Feature: Web Design in 4 minutes

Here’s a really fun link that I’d like to feature this week:

Web Design in 4 minutes

It’s a really simple, but conceptually brilliant, introduction to the basic ideas of web design and CSS layout. It’s a fun way to be introduced to basic CSS styling and layout, including custom fonts, images, spacing, color and contrast. Enjoy.


Nice and a fun.Thanks!

I would rather see all content at once even though “the site” doesn’t think so, so why does it have to (choose to) demand that javascript is turned on to show the content? Hadn’t you linked to it I wouldn’t have bothered see the content.


From the title I was fearing another youtube link, but this was fun indeed! :-) Thanks!


Yes, I already saw that demo and is quite a good simple approach. It avoids the start with a ‘picture of what you want approach’ that most beginners seem to latch on to.

(I should have thought to have posted it here)


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