From PLAIN TEXT to Tables, Hyperlinks etc

I’m wondering if there is a freeware/opensource widget for converting plain text into various HTML elements (table columns, hyperlinks etc.)? I have Dreamweaver 8 which probably does this, but it’s such a resource hog. I’d like to find something with a small footprint. Suggestions? Thanks guys.

Don’t know if this is quite what you want, but a nice code editor add-on is Emmet, which makes it easy to type code in shorthand and can be used to wrap existing content in complex HTML.


I found that converts plain text to HTML format. You can also try Text2HTML tool which is a free tool.

Hope this will help you.

I’m confuzzled

HTML files are text files - not binary

So what exactly do you mean?

Thanks Ralph, I’ll check it out.

Mittineague, correct. HTML is text. My question was targeted to complex text files such as spreadsheets and databases. You’re handed a spreadsheet document with the extension .xls. There a number of ways you can convert this Excel spreadsheet to an HTML file (the OpenOffice Calc program being just one). What I was looking for was a widget/program that accomplishes the task in one step (think command, or batch processing): You feed it the xls file, it produces an HTML equivalent.

If I’m greedy I’d like to be able to lauch it as a shell tool: right click the .xls file and render the equivalent as an HTML file. You’d have preconfigured the defaults for this widget with something like "use this same name, and write to the _____ folder.

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