Friend inviter

Hey guys

I am looking for a contact miner service. Something that will allow our users to invite friends to our websites. We need it to incorporate all the API’s. eg. gmail, outlook, facebook, myspace, etc.

I do not mind paying for it. I just want the best option for .net.

Something like this:

stescodes seems perfect, but mysteriously dropped support for facebook, so it is not ideal. And they might not offer code upgrades if API’s change.

Could you guys offer any suggestions on the matter?

That would be much appreciated.

With the way the whole OAuth thing is going, I think you’ll have to deal with each service directly – that is probably why dropped them.

Thanks for the reply. I was worried about that. As the problem is we have built it, but the API’s, etc change from time to time and it stops working, and it becomes a bit of a chore to check and test all the time and maintain if it breaks. And due to shifts in our business at the moment, might not be sustainable. That is why I am looking for a solution that I pay for, so someone else can worry about that. lol