Fresh food webshop experience?


I’m evaluating possibilities for the bakery website with a webshop. I have done several non-food e-commerces within Woocommerce. It was rather easy because you don’t need to care about expiry date of your goods.

Here it’s very very different. It’s a bout bakery products, so they need to stay mega-fresh when they arrive to client’s door, or when client pickup them.
It’s sooo new, sooo challenging. I’d love some expertise in this area, please, how it works in practice. Thank you in advance.

The ecommerce part is really just like any other, but it’s really down to the bakery to ensure that bread is delivered on time (and still fresh!).

I think the key here is for customers to be able to specify what day they want their bread delivered. That way orders can be taken in advance so the bakery knows how many loaves to bake each night.


  1. For delivery “tommorrow” I would expect that there would be a cut off time, so maybe I would have to order before 6pm to get my delivery tomorrow morning.
  2. For delivery for other times I would be able to select “next Friday” for my bread to be delivered.

Of course the other big factor is the area that the bakery delivers to. If it’s in the same town/local area that’s not really a problem because they can deliver in their own van, but if they want to ship bread further away then of course you start getting into 24 hour delivery times which may not be so good!