Freenom account registration

Yes see my post #10 and note the date.

Freenom account registration - #10 by John_Betong

I meant, did you receive the error in the (your) browser session and then after receiving the error did it create an account using the email address it complained about?

No error received with the Gmail account, Hotmail failed… will try Yahoo when on the desktop.


Successfully created with a Yahoo account:


First new domain using Gmail propagated and HTTPS Security set OK

Second new domain using Yahoo awaiting propagation

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Ha! Done it - using the method shown here (search for the domain name and when shown eg blablabla and the list of “available” ones, add the suffix to the domain in the search box eg and then select it from the list.) Strangely obscure.

But I am now the proud owner of, which may become the focal point for the entire Nana Nap community of people who enjoy having short sleeps during the day, while sitting in a comfy chair. :grinning:


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Yes I got it to work too. I think that whatever worked, I had tried previously without success. I think it is more a matter of retrying until it works. There might be a problem with limited resources for freenom or a resource it uses. I did get a domain and I got an account created.

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