Freenom account registration

I see no way to create an account in Freenom. I see a login link but no way to create a new account. I see a Google login and it says it cannot access my account. I search for a domain name and it always says the domain is not available; I assume because I am not logged in and it does not offer an opportunity to create an account.

I searched the internet for answers and all I find is a Reddit question a year ago with no answers.

Quite some time ago my son had the same problem and together we resolved the issue by ensuring his address and post code was identical with a previously used internet address and post code.

I am sorry, I do not understand. I do not have the option of entering a physical address or an internet address or a zip (post) code. There is no option in the Freenom website to even begin to do anything like that. If you are referring to my Google account then I have not had a problem like this with my Google account and it has been seven months since I moved.

Try this solution>

I have problems logging in to My Freenom

If you are continuously asked to login you may need to enable cookies in your browser.
To enable cookies in your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, go to Tools, then Internet Options, and select Enable Cookies.

If that does not work then ask the Freenom Support Team,

I am not asking how to login. I said I see no way to create a new account.

Someone in a post around here mentioned Freenom but they seem to be not allowing new accounts. Yes I can submit a support request.

Did you find a solution to this in the end? I have been looking to register but I too cannot find any way to do so.

Is the account not created at check-out? (Just guessing.) Or have you tried to register a domain and been unsuccessful?

I do not know of any site that does not allow us to create an account prior a purchase. If we are required to register a domain to create an account then they should say so or at least respond to my query. I sent them a question (a support request) and they did not respond. So that is the past.

Today I tried to register a domain, one that is not likely to be registered. It said that the .gk is available. I clicked on Select and then it became unavailable. I did that for a more obscure domain. Same thing. Then an even more obscure domain. For that one it said that all of the free domains are available but each time I clicked on Select each became unavailable. They obviously have disabled the ability to register free domains, at least for those of us without accounts.

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I have found the exact same problem, several weeks ago, on different days and then again over the last few days. And just now, searching for the domain “jsdfrtr” !

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I have been a Freenom customer for nearly seven years and registered about twenty domains.

I have just created a new account by selecting a secondary Gmail account and the registration was successful. Just need to setup the domain on the server and let the propagation commence :slight_smile:

Perhaps someone else understands how to do that but as best as I understand, it does not work.

Try clicking on the “G sign in” for Gmail option.


I used the Chrome Browser on an iPad.

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That is what I did. I clicked there and then selected my Gmail account and I got the result I showed. Same thing for Chrome.

Did you follow through and verify your address, post code, country, etc?

How do I do that? It gave me an error message. I have no idea what you mean by follow through. It provides me no opportunity to verify an address or any such thing, it just gives the error message.

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From memory when the Gmail account is selected there was a long pause before a message stating that a verification email had been sent to your Gmail account. The sent email required verification - by opening the email and following the instructions.

Did you check for an email verification from Frenom?


The Freenom email:

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I have waited for 4 mins so far and not had the message or any email…

2 hrs waiting now and no message or email.

I have just tried unsuccessfully to login and use a Hotmail account. Two Gmail accounts validate without any problems.

Perhaps other users could try to register.

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As I said, when I try I get the error message. There is nothing more I can do, except I admit I did not leave the browser window open for a long time. I assume however that any email would have already been sent and it has been two days of nothing.

Have you (or anyone) been successful at creating an account after receiving the error I showed previously?