Freedback question from - (build your own website the right way using html &css book)

have just finished setting up the freedback form and about to copy the html parts to drop into my contact.html file although from the first section that I copy for some reason I appear to be missing the ",field-*****(numbers & letter) part just before the closing div. Have I missed somthing while setting up the form, im unsure??

hope this makes some kind of sense, have taken a screen grab

many thanks in advance!

Hi Karl. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

I have that book but am not sure what page you are on, or quite what your question relates to. Could you say in different words what is not working as you expect?

thanks for the prompt response!

im on page 297 and the book says the first paragraph I need to copy ends in: value="name,email,field-(random numbers etc) although the html from the
freedback file that I have created seems to be missing the last part the 'field-'then the generated numbers and letters.

hopefully this is a little clearer :slight_smile:

many thanks

OK, that’s not quite what I see on p297, so we may have diffeent versions. But on page 286 the note says:

once you’ve set up your own account with Freedback, you’ll need to ensure that you use the values provided to you by Freedback …

Though I’m not familiar with this book or Freedback, I assume you need to set up an account with Freedback to get the values you need to insert into your form code. Have you set up an account yet?

hi ralph,

yeah have setup my account with freedback and filled in all the questions etc which I believe to be fine, as I say the only thing that
doesnt look right is that at the end of the first section it appears that I am missing the small bit of copy named ‘field-…’ which is stright after the value="name,email,field-… other parts of the freedback html form seem to be fine its just this initial bit that looks

I might just carry on and insert the rest of the copy and just see if it works.

many thanks