Free Translator

Was thinking about adding a translate widget to my website, but wondered if it’s practical and if there’s a free download out there?


Do you mean to translate words and snippets or to translate your whole page?

Honestly I am not sure…is it possible to translate whole page?

If you have a Google account, it sure is :slight_smile:

It does not work…have tried on various pages and it just freezes my aero…nada. I post the meta before </head> and the div/script code where I want it and nothing… I tried restarting and the pages will open but there’s nothing at all there.

Never mind I found the problem. ME! Didn’t think about having to upload it to make it work. Oh well, never said I was smart. Thank you Pullo very much!

Hi there,

You beat me to it.
I just signed up for the service and made a test page which worked as expected.

Anyway, it’s working now - all’s well.

Never said I was smart…

Google Translate
But I think free translation software are not good

You could use Google translet widget (which is ugly) or you could work with the Google Translate API which is great! You just have to signup at in order to do that.

bing translator is the best for your translation

As this thread is almost a year old, I imagine Barnum has long since found a solution.

Thread closed.