FREE - Talk WordPress With The Experts

Welcome to the second in our series of ‘Talk With The Experts’ live forum workshops. Next up is WordPress with SitePoint developers Harley Alexander (front end and WordPress) and Bernard Peh (PHP and WordPress) along with assorted Advisors from here at the forums and a special guest appearance from Mick Olinik, author of The WordPress Anthology. The session will kick off at midday PST on February 29 (7am March 1st AEST).

If you’ve got any tricky WordPress issues or you’re keen on finding out how to make your site look like that other really cool site that you’ve seen, then post in this forum before the session kicks off and we’ll get some dialogue going. Then make sure you head along on the day to our Campfire chatroom and the experts can help you work out any sticky bits.

You can join the chat session here

If anyone has any ideas for future live sessions, please flick me a PM, I’d love to hear them.

I just registered for sitepoint forums expecting that i will receive email when chat session started!
Is that the case here?

Welcome to the SP forums.
Let’s see what @HAWK; has to say, but I don’t think so. I didn’t get any notification about the previous chat session starting.

But, you’ll see that registering to these forums and becoming a part of this community may be worthwhile anyway :slight_smile: .

Hey there,
No - there will be no email as I don’t have any way of knowing who has joined for the chat session and who hasn’t.

If you are on Twitter you can follow us @sitepointdotcom or on Facebook at - I’ll announce on both when we kick off.
Otherwise, make sure you’re here at midday Wednesday PST. :slight_smile:

I will Follow you definitely on both.

Cool :slight_smile:
Welcome to the community.

Thanks mate.

Will we simply arrive here at the forum to participate?

Hey there.
No, you can join the chat here in 30 minutes (although there are people in there now chatting amongst themselves.)

Will a transcript be posted later? I had to leave session- thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Campfire doesn’t allow the download of transcripts. I’m looking at other products for future sessions to see if they provide that service. Apologies.