Free stock photos & images - site review

since last time here, the website has gone through some rather (more) dramatic redesign, along with font updates etc.

Furthermore a “test-drive” feature called CHECKIT(top banner, above photos) is available to have an idea how the photos can be used in designs etc. I would love ideas about that and the design itself.

For those unaware of what’s this about, is a free stock photos & images website. I would love info about design, usability etc. Anything that can help me take it to a higher level :slight_smile:

Thanks, Michael

Hi there. I’m sorry to say the site is not very responsive. It looks as though there are several places you use media queries but there are also several places where a horizontal scrollbar appears and where words just disappear. I’m looking at the site with a browser window 1169px wide and the word categories is partly missing.

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Thanks Gandalf, yeah, it’s true, I’m still really much struggling with that, but a responsive version is coming very soon, so please stay tunned! :slight_smile:

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I’ll be very happy for some more feedback, so please let a rip! :slight_smile:

I would also love a word from webdesigners/developers, whether if you would use my photos in your designs/themes/demos etc. It’s very important for me to know, whether if the project is sustainable.

Thanks a lot!


Site looked OK to me, except that the image for People: “Little boy running in the woods” did not show up. Got an empty image placeholder.

Images aren’t loading for me:

Still, competetion in this area is stiff these days. Unsplash has made a big splash, and it’s hard to go past that. Their site isn’t clogged with ads, either. :grimacing: For me, a photo site is about beautiful things, so presenting them amid ugliness turns me off. There are much nicer ways to deliver ads. I wish people would be more creative about that! Visitors are conditioned to ignore ad-heavy sidebars anyhow.

I’m getting the same result.

As a designer without even looking at the code or images folder. with that being said. The sizes of the images, no one would use a “4000 x 2660” image size. That’s just way too big for anyone to use. So for myself, until the images are smaller I wouldn’t use the site but I will keep an eye on it.

My opinion is google stock images and check out the image sites and focus on the image sizes. I believe that is what your error is with the site. the images are too big in size to appear in the window. so there not attempting to load or you have something preventing the loading.

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