Free PHP script encoder

I am writing a free (public domain — no license) PHP script encoder
similar to CodeLock. It’s called FreeLock.
I was wondering how many of you would be interested in something like this,
and if so, what features would you like to see supported?

Here is an example of an encrypted script :

<?php $use_zlib='y'; $script_name="test2.php"; if(!file_exists('freelock.php')) {
 echo "freelock not found - exiting"; exit; }
 include_once('freelock.php'); freelock_run($s1); ?>

I am looking for input to make this really useful…
If SourceForge approves my project, it will be on there soon.

Thanks in advance for your input!

I would really like to have this, all i need is uncrackable php code encryption/decryption. The Zend encoder and all others seem unaffordable at the moment.

Very cool project. Would definitely be interested in this!

Current encryption services are way out of my reach as well.

Love to hear more about your project.

The project was approved by sourceforge, so it will be up there in a day or two.
Just go to sourceforge and search for “FreeLock”

Current features :
-Limit script to ONE IP address OR one hostname
-Include files are supported
-Two different encryption/scrambling modes
-Crude interface
-Support for compressed scripts (using ZLib - available on most systems)
-Since it is open source, you can create your own encrypt/decrypt functions

If there are more features, please let me know

Nothing is uncrackable, but you can make it very difficult.
In the legal sense (if you are distributing commercial software) it would prove that the user had to have intent to modify/re-distribute your script (the cannot plead ignorance)

But since each program encrypted by freelock can use a different scheme, it will make it that much harder to figure out.

Looking forward to seeing it. :slight_smile:

How/what exactly does this script do?

It makes your scripts safe from editing, and optionally can limit the use of the
script to ONE host/IP address.

It does this by encrypting/scrambling the script, then (optionally) compressing it, then encoding it to base64

this script

echo "This is an unprotected script.";

Looks like this after you run freelock on it :

<?php $use_zlib='y'; if(!file_exists('freelock.php')) { echo "freelock not found -
exiting"; exit; }
a"; include_once('freelock.php'); freelock_run($s1); ?>

All you need to distribute with your script is freelock.php (which is also encoded)

Does that help?

This is a great idea. Keep up the good work! :smiley:

Cant wait to use it!

Ok, it’s up on sourceforge now.
Just go to

im tried to download it, but it dosent work.

Zip file is missing 6 bytes of data…

From every mirror i try

My current work goes out unprotected, so open source GPL taken for granted without the paper work, however your project will help in delivering an as-is work.

I accidentally uploaded the file in ASCII mode, so it corrupted the ZIP.
It is now fixed.
I apologize for the inconvenience!

allright cool.

Works now.

i don’t like the idea… kinda against the whole OSS philosophy isn’t it?

use other people’s freely given time and effort (and money) [apache, php, mysql, etc, etc] to write a script and then set up a system where you control who can use it or not…

I wonder where we would all be if apache/php/mysql used that same thinking…

secondly, if someone buys a php script package from you, why not let them tailor it to their needs?

Not that I think you are a bad person er something. just think its kinda hypocritical to make an open-source [its on sourceforge right] program that is built to make other programs (or scripts, etc) closed-source…

I thought about that when I was writing it. But since even people like me
who enjoy free or open source software need to make money, and would like to do so with PHP without getting ripped off, I thought this might be useful.

Besides, there are already commercial versions of this, so I figured might as well
have an open source one that can fill in for it (and if people actually contribute,
it will be much better than the aforementioned commercial/closed source options)

All in all, there are some cases where it really is necessary to maintain a closed
source policy. For those times, there’s FreeLock.

Wow, I talk a lot :slight_smile:

I know it’s still pretty crude, but I have 3 jobs so I don’t have TOO much free time.

Let me know what you think about it!

I’ll be waiting for a later version that is possibly more secure and then I may start using it :slight_smile:

That will be coming sooner than you think!
I am making improvements constantly, and will soon be ready for production use.