Free online web accessibility course

Google is running an “Introduction to Web Accessibility” course that introduces tools and techniques for web developers to easily ensure that websites are more accessible to users who are blind or have low vision.
I followed their “How to use Google search” course and was quite impressed. I think I’ll sign up for this one, too.

More info here:

They ought to have renamed it “introduction to web accessibility featuring the blind and visually impaired”. It seems to focus almost exclusively on that group.

Yeah, guess so.
I figured that it might be good anyway despite the slightly inaccurate title.

who knows?

But despite the course-owner’s own hypocrisy, being a big name and offering a course “about web accessibility” is probably going to be a mostly positive thing. Ignorance by web developers is probably a larger cause of inaccessible sites than any other one thing.

If web developers knew as much about accessibility as they did about all the SEO stuff they learned from Google…

I thought that the worst that can happen is that I can learn something.

Also, you can submit a site to the course instructors for review at the beginning of the course, with the aim of applying the techniques you learn throughout the course and making it more accessible. That’s a good thing, right?

Of course, the cynical side of me thinks that Google just wants to match Google accounts to actual websites, but hey …