Free Navigation Tab Creators?

Does anyone know of any good Navigation Tab creators that are online and free?

(I had found a really cool website a year or so ago where you could create Glass Navigation Tabs online including adding your own test. Unfortunately I lost that link.)

Down the road I want to learn how to do this myself using something like GIMP, but in the meantime, it would save me lots of effort if I could find an online app to do this for me.



What sort of ‘tabs’ are you after? If you could perhaps find an example of the sort of thing your meaning, I could whip up something for you. Would only take a couple of minutes :slight_smile:

Navigation tabs. You know, like the kind that span horizontally across the top of a home page that go to different sections when you click on them.

As far as the exact look? I dunno. That is also why one of these “make your own Navigation Tabs from scratch” websites help. They allow you to play around to create the right tab.

So, how were you going to help?

What software would you use?

I guess I could try and give you a description.

(If some one knows how to make them in Gimp, that would be the best!!) :slight_smile: