Free Joomla Hosting

Anyone reccommend any recent Free Joomla hosting companies that offer any support.

I had some hosting with joomla pre-installed but the feature has been down for 6 months or more. A note on their site indicates it should be back up and running soon.

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Which company gives best hosting to their customers with suitable rates? I want to have two hosting plans for my sites…

if you get free., then the service will be bad… so choose…

I can suggest a best free joomla hosting site… Try hosting with This free hosting site gives free hosting with free domain. They provide a free script install to install your Joomla site with just a click.
To do this, visit the site and register your account. After registering your free hosting account, Just log into your Cpanel and you can see “ivista script installation” Click that to install the desired script(joomla).
You can also choose website, blog, Forum, E-commerce etc…

Also they provide many features than any other free hosting company…
Have a happy hosting…:):slight_smile:


I’m sure there are some free hosts around that allow Joomla. Although I can’t imagine the service is very good. It’s always better to invest some money in a paid hosting provider if you are serious about the success of your site.


thanks guys for the feedback and recommendations.

might give the host1free mob a go.

Their site looks pretty good.

Let you know how get on.

Free does not worth your time. But if you need “Free” then just find a free hosting service and install Joomla. If you need automated service you’d better spend some money on web hosting. The problem with free hosting is that you might loose data at any time.

Rather use paid hosting but my I have had some good experiences with

Just sign up and go to softiculous or something and you can then install joomla with 1 click

Of course yopu will be able to find free web hosting account for your joomla. But I recommend better cheap but paid web hosting.
That at least will give you more chances not to see one day that your web host is gone with your web site.

Any host with Fantastico via CPanel can automatically set up Joomla CMS for you.

I would recommend you visit joomla official web site. Some times web application developers do post list of suggested web hosting companies there and you will be able to find out some free web hosts.

You can do the search for free web hosting on the following forums:

Both have plenty of offers aboard. Perhaps you will be able to get more information there.