Free Domain Registrations drastic policy change!

For the past couple of years I’ve recommended for their free domain registration, unfortunately they’ve had an overnight policy change and dropped all their “.tk” top level domains :frowning:

I had fifteen “.tk” sites and now they have all gone!

Is their an easier solution to resurrecting the data instead of creating sub-domains on an old “.com” domain?

Are you sure the problem isn’t just with your own domain renewal? As far as I can see, Freenom is still offering free .tk domains.

It took me a long time to pinpoint the problem and meanwhile did try to register another domain without success. Initially I thought there was a PHP 8.09 upgrade problem because other sites were affected. Also thought MySQL upgrade was causing problems. Eventually checked propagation and noticed the domain is no longer valid.

The domain expiry date had quite a few months before expiry.

I’ve been using their services since 2017 and recommended them whenever possible and also purchased a couple of “.com” TLDs. It is infuriating that all the “.tk” domains were withdrawn overnight without notice. I still have a “.ga” but will move the contents along with all the others to sub domains… no easy task :frowning: also seems to be a place for free domains.

I am unable to open the link, also have vague memories that they are affiliated to

They look very similar indeed when you search for a domain.

Either way, it still looks like you can get free .tk domains.

I will try again next time I’m on the desktop.

Did you contact freenom support for an explanation? It seems odd that they would cancel them without warning, especially as their site is still advertising free .tk domains.


@TechnoBear, Yes awaiting reply.

Meanwhile purchased one of the domains and awaiting payment to be processed.

My son and another SP user also had .tk domains that are being unpropagated/depropagated (SP). My son did not receive notification.

Eventually received this reply from Support:

One of the sites has a Cron job set to download and update the three XLS Spreadsheets to MySql tables. Last download was five days ago:

Updated: 2021-07-31 15:00:40 - Books: 16,975

It took a couple of hours to get both sites running again to redirect links back from temporary creating alternative sites links.

Currently contemplating actions to prevent another occurrence.


can I get a free domain still in 2021?

Did you try the two listed links?

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