Free domain for business?

can anyone tell me where i can get free domain name for business ?
i actually have a free domain name but not for business.
now im looking for a free domain name for business.

I think for your business, just get web hosting and in many cases (like mine) you will get a free domain. Simple and cheap method right there.

If you are serious about your business then no need to choose free domain for your business, this can be harmful for your business. Domain registration and hosting are very cheap.

+1. Domains are so cheap, and a business is supposed to be about making money. If your business can’t even afford a domain name, you have a big problem.

Buy the domain yourself to ensure ownership. Otherwise, you might get into the situation where the host owns it, and not you–and that could be problematic for your business online. Ten bucks a year from is a drop in the bucket.

im still starting my career as a freelance here … but i guess i need to learn more about different transactions here …
thanks a lot everyone.

I would say that if you are going to use a domain for business use buying your own name has to be the way forward,if you shop around you may find some special deals and by using your own domain in gives potential customers confidance.

can i sell my free domain name to others ?

It may well be possible to sell it but you may have some clauses attached to it as it was free,why dont you keep it for a possible use in the future,all we are saying for business use its not the way to go.

brother you can use domain name this is free doamin and use hosting this is google hosting and free all world user you can use it and create your business website and blog :slight_smile:

You can get free domain but as per me search engines often ignore them and this is A HUGE disadvantage!

how is it gonna work ?

Ok…Now If you are from India to a google search on “IndiaGetOnline” it is a program which is for indian small scale business to get their own domain and hosting…the only issue with this is you will not be able to run any Scripts such as Blogs etc…the site can only be modified by a SiteBuilder which they have provided…also you have to be a Citizen of India to avail the offer…

well unfortunately im not from india.

You need to make sure that your free domain is valid and it isn’t associated with another domain really. If it is truly a free domain then you should appear on the Whois registration.
Free domain is actually sometimes up to interpretation. Find out what you are really getting for free.

you can use intuit for this !!

As what i have in my website now. it has a sub domain name … is it available to use for forum ?

I definitely agree. Usually domains are free as long as you keep the web hosting service so make sure you know you are getting the real deal.

Domain registration and hosting is very cheap today, and for a serious business free services are not reliable.

Thinking to have business online and the business will going to work on long run and help you earn in big bulk,
It better to get a domain maybe go with a simple one .com or .net which you can find lot of promo in the market.
It may only cost as a simple meal and you enjoy for the year.
I said so is because you secure the domain name as your brandname , free domain is risky and you may lose it if they provider do stop providing free.