Free business Pictures for the website


I am new to designing. Can anybody tell me where I can find free quality business pictures like of businessman and woman for my website.

Can corbis royalty free pictures can be used in my website.


This website has public domain pictures on it, which would work for your purposes.

Corbis, probably not. You can hunt through the Creative Commons site for free pics.

well can someone confirm me about corbis or provide some other free sites.

Go through this blog on online resources to find stock business images… is best

Legally you cannot use a photo you find on the web with out the photographer’s permission.

Stock photo websites allow webmasters, marketers and publishers to locate pictures for their marketing and promotional materials without the hassle of organizing a photo shoot. With copyright laws businesses must be very careful in using unlicensed photos.

My favorite stock photo website is

Here is where you can find some other inexpensive stock photo directories:

Another site list can be found here:


My favorite site is stock.xchng. Professional photos, many business ones. Pics do require attribution (only common courtesy) and sometimes contact with owner.


my point is that you can only find “ok” photos for free… spending a couple of bucks on sites like istock will get you a better photo, further enhancing your web site. good luck