Free alternative of IonCube


I am looking for free open source alternative of IonCube and Zend encriptor for my php script file.

Can anyone provide me any good open source encryptor for PHP script.

Thanks !!

Just say “free alternative”, you don’t care about open source you just want the free part. However, you could find a lot of systems out there that say they can encrypt and protect your code. They are nothing more then a joke, don’t bother using them. IonCube and Zend encrypt the bytecode PHP interpreter returns that is what you want.

Since you are here looking for a “free alternative” that must mean the code you are trying to protect is not that valuable. If it was you would be more inclined to invest in its protection. :slight_smile:

Pls don’t take this wrong. I meant that an open source Actually my client told me to encrypt on file of his application source code which he is going to distribute. So i am looking for some open source PHP script encoders.

In that case, surely you tell your client to pay for the tools to do this. If they’re planning to make money off the code, and want to protect it, then they should invest in providing that protection rather than simply assume it will be handed to them for free.

Mark is exactly correct, and were you to be using our product it would be a breach of the license agreement if you provided an encoding service and encoded files for the benefit of anyone other than the licensee (e.g. yourself); similar conditions may also exist in the license agreements of other products of this type. It would be fine, however, for either yourself or the customer to make use of the online Encoder, which can be very cost effective for occasional use, or the end user could purchase their own license as suggested.

Open Source is not the same as free. The 2 are unrelated concepts, no idea why people think they are equivalent :slight_smile:

Doesnt Ioncube have an online encoder thats only like 10 cents to encrypt a file or something like that?